English Graduate Student Association

The English Graduate Student Association (EGSA) is both a professional and a social organization of graduate students in or affiliated with the GW English department. EGSA represents graduate interests on department faculty committees and, more generally, provides graduate students with a collective voice in departmental affairs. EGSA also sponsors various social activities that foster a sense of community for its members and that provide newer students with access to other students further along in the program who can serve as mentors. For more information, e-mail the 2012-2013 EGSA president, Tawnya Ravy.

Prefix Journal

Generously hosted and sponsored by the Gelman Library, “Prefix” is an
open access journal created by and for members of the GW English
graduate community. The journal aims to hybridize diverse research
and creative interests of the graduate student body through an
interactive peer review submission process and post-publication reader

GW English graduate students are encouraged to submit scholarly
articles in the embryonic form, creative work (including poetry,
fiction, art, photography, and music), reviews (of literature, music,
film, restaurants, etc.), meditations, grievances, reverie, and
general announcements.

Interested in submitting and/or volunteering as reviewer, proofreader,
or layout editor? For more information, contact Marilena Zackheos and/or Theodora Danylevich.