Jeffrey Jerome Cohen

Jeffrey Jerome Cohen

Professor of English, Director of Institute for Medieval & Early Modern Studies (GW MEMSI)
Room 657
Address: Rome Hall
Phone: 202-994-0548

Areas of Expertise

Medieval studies (especially late medieval Britain within a transnational frame), history of monsters, and critical theory.

Current Research

Jeffrey Jerome Cohen's research examines phenomena that are paradoxically alien and intimate to the human. His publications examine the multilingual literatures of the British archipelago; what monsters reveal about the cultures that dream them; the ways in which postcolonial studies, critical animal studies, queer theory, postmodernism and posthumanism help to better understand the texts and cultures of the Middle Ages (and might be transformed by that encounter); the limits and the creativity of taxonomic impulses; the complexities of time when thought outside of progress narratives; vibrant materialism, object-oriented ontology, and other methods for discerning the complicated vitality of what is supposed to be inanimate; and ecological theory. His research has been funded by the American Council of Learned Societies and the Guggenheim Foundation. He blogs at In the Middle.


Ph.D., English and American Literature and Language, Harvard University, 1992.

Classes Taught

Stories of Stone: An Inhuman Ecology. University of Minnesota Press, 2015.

Elemental Ecocriticism. University of Minnesota Press, 2015. Editor, with Lowell Duckert.

Prismatic Ecology: Ecotheory Beyond Green. University of Minnesota Press, 2013. Editor.

Special issue of postmedieval on Ecomaterialism. 2013. Editor, with Lowell Duckert.

Animal, Mineral, Vegetable: Ethics and Objects. Oliphaunt / punctum press, 2012. Editor.

Cultural Diversity in Medieval Britain: Archipelago, Island, England. Palgrave Macmillan, New Middle Ages series, 2008

Hybridity, Identity and Monstrosity in Medieval Britain: Of Difficult Middles. Palgrave Macmillan, New Middle Ages series, 2006.

Medieval Identity Machines. University of Minnesota Press , Medieval Cultures series, 2003.

Thinking the Limits of the Body. State University of New York Press, Aesthetics and the Philosophy of Art series, 2002. Editor, with Gail Weiss.

The Postcolonial Middle Ages . Palgrave, New Middle Ages series, 2000. Editor.

Of Giants: Sex, Monsters, and the Middle Ages . University of Minnesota Press , Medieval Cultures series, 1999.

Becoming Male in the Middle Ages. Garland Publishing, New Middle Ages series, 1997. Editor, with Bonnie Wheeler.

Monster Theory: Reading Culture. University of Minnesota Press , Visible Evidence series, 1996. Editor.

A more complete list of publications including articles, chapters, reviews, entries and letters can be viewed on Dr. Cohen's publications page.

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