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Tara Wallace

Professor of English


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Professor of English

18th- and 19th-century British literature, literature and historiography, imperial and postcolonial studies, gender studies

Prof. Wallace’s research interests include: eighteenth- and nineteenth-century British literature, forms of historicism, imperial discourse.

She is beginning a project on Walter Scott and representations of monarchy; as part of this larger project, I have recently published on the Stuart monarchs and given papers on Scott's depiction of Elizabeth I and of Jacobitism in decline. My last book, Imperial Characters, connects with both my current work on monarchy and with my teaching interests. I continue to write on 18th-century gender issues, with recent articles and papers on Austen, Wollstonecraft, Burney, and Pope.


Imperial Characters: Home and Periphery in Eighteenth-Century Literature (Bucknell Univ Press 2010).

Jane Austen and Narrative Authority (Macmillan 1995).

Women Critics 1660-1820, co-editor (Indiana Univ Press 1995).

Edition of Frances Burney's A Busy Day (Rutgers Univ Press 1984).


Recent Articles and Book Chapters

"Monarchy and the Middle-Period Novels." The Edinburgh Companion to Walter Scott (Edinburgh Univ Press, 2012).

"Re-Writing Radicalism: Mary Wollstonecraft in Frances Burney's The Wanderer (Eighteenth-Century Fiction 2012).

"Reading the Metropole: Elizabeth Hamilton's Letters of a Hindoo Rajah" in Enlightening Romanticism, Romancing the Enlightenment: British
Novels from 1750 to 1832 (Ashgate 2009).

"Thinking Globally: The Talisman and The Surgeon's Daughter" in Approaches to Teaching Walter Scott (MLA 2009).

" '...it must be done in London': The Suburbanization of Highbury" (Persuasions 2007).

"Frances Burney as Dramatist" in The Cambridge Companion to Frances Burney (Cambridge Univ Press 2007).

" '...about savages and the awfulness of America': Colonial Corruption in Humphry Clinker (Eighteenth-Century Fiction 2005).

"Filming Romance: Persuasion" (Jane Austen on Screen 2003) "The Elephant's Foot and the British Mouth: Walter Scott on Imperial Discourse" (European Romantic Review 2002)

""This Right of Mercy':  The Royal Pardon In Scott's The Heart of Midlothian."  Yearbook of English Studies 47 (2017)

"History as Heuristic in The Wanderer."  The Burney Journal 14 (2017)

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"'To One Thing Constant':  The Passion of Pope's Eloisa."  Eighteenth-Century Theory and Interpretation 56.4 (2015)