Combined BA/MA Program

GW CCAS English Combined BA/MA Program one female student sitting in a seminar classroom

The combined BA/MA in English allows students to complete the graduate degree on an accelerated timeline by completing six graduate credits as part of the undergraduate program. Full-time students generally complete both degrees within five years.

Questions about applying for the BA/MA degree? Contact the English director of graduate studies (DGS).

How to Apply to Combined Programs



Program Admissions


English Majors

Students admitted into the Honors Program in English are also accepted into the department’s combined BA/MA program.

English majors who do not enroll in or are not admitted into the Honors Program in English can petition to enter the combined BA/MA program. Interested students should contact the director of undergraduate studies no later than spring pre-registration of their junior year. The petition will be considered by the director of undergraduate studies as well as the DGS.


Non-English Majors

Students interested in pursuing a combined BA/MA in English should meet with their undergraduate and graduate faculty advisors to discuss eligibility and department-specific application requirements.

Applicants should complete the application on the CCAS website and provide any required supporting documents. 

If approved, the student must submit the completed and signed application form to the DGS for submission to the CCAS Office of Graduate Admissions.


Course Requirements

Students who are admitted into this program take two graduate-level courses in their senior year, normally one per semester. These graduate courses can be taken either as electives or as courses needed in particular categories to fulfill the specific requirements not yet completed for the BA in English degree.

All requirements for both the Bachelor of Arts in English and the Master of Arts in English must be fulfilled.