Micro-Minor in Disability Studies



The interdisciplinary micro-minor in disability studies bridges humanities and social sciences. The program provides in-depth understandings of the social, historical, cultural and material predicaments imposed on disabled people. Rather than approaching disability as a pathology, it explores disability as a product of social inequity and as an alternative ethical map for living.

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Course Requirements

The following requirements must be fulfilled: 9 credits, including one 3-credit required course and 6 credits in selected courses.
ENGL 3910Disability Studies (may be taken anytime during completion of the Disability Studies Micro-Minor)
One course (3 credits) selected from Group A and one course (3 credits) from Group B:
Group A: History, Methods, & Research
AMST 4702WRace, Medicine, and Public Health
ANTH 3503Psychological Anthropology
ENGL 3810Selected Topics in Literature ((Disabled People and the Holocaust))
or ENGL 3810W Selected Topics in Literature
Group B: Culture & Representations
PHIL 2124Philosophies of Disability
or PHIL 2124W Philosophies of Disability
PHIL 2125Philosophy of Race and Gender
or PHIL 2125W Philosophy of Race and Gender
ENGL 3915Literature and Madness