Undergraduate Student Resources & Awards

The Department of English offers academic and financial support, internships, advising and more to make the student experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Guidance on ePortfolios

    How to Declare a Major or Minor

    The process for declaring a major is as follows:

    1. Download and fill out a Declaration of Major/Minor Form from the Undergraduate Advising website.
    2. Contact the English Department's director of undergraduate advising.
    3. Establish an ePortfolio, which is required for the major only.

    Study Abroad

    Many English majors spend a semester or more abroad, usually as juniors, and many venture outside England. Australia, Edinburgh and Dublin are increasingly popular destinations, and some students have studied in Anglophone Africa. Because we count the literatures of other languages as major electives, English majors have also enjoyed study abroad in France, Italy and other countries.

    Visit the GW Office for Study Abroad for more information.

    Departmental Awards

    Each year, the Department of English awards multiple departmental prizes and honors to graduating seniors who have demonstrated academic excellence in their pursuit of the English or Creative Writing major. Prizes are also awarded to undergraduate students with the best creative works in poetry, drama, playwriting and literature.

    • The Academy of American Poets College Prize, awarded to talented student poets
    • The Alice Douglas Goddard Prize, awarded for highest average GPA in English
    • The Astere E. Claeyssens Prize in Playwriting, awarded for the best original work in playwriting
      • The E. K. Cutter Prize for excellence in English
      • The DeWitt Clinton Croissant Prize, awarded for the best essay on drama or the theatre
      • The Vivian Nellis Memorial Prize, awarded to a graduating senior who has demonstrated excellence in creative writing
      • The Sylvia Speck Prize, awarded for exemplary academic achievement in English Literature
      • The Student Poetry Prize, awarded to GW undergraduate and graduate students for the best single poem


      E-Major Listserv

      The E-Major listserv is a source of important announcements and information relevant to the department.

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      GW Resources

      • Undergraduate Anthropology Advisors
        Find the faculty member assigned to your major or minor program.
      • Academic Commons
        Book peer tutoring or review sessions, research and writing help, step-by-step study strategies, language support and more.
      • GW Libraries
        Explore on-campus libraries and online research databases. Gelman Library also maintains a research guide specifically for political science. 
      • Language Center
        Sign up for English for Academic Purposes (EAP) courses, practice with language meet-up groups, take a language exam or talk to someone about waiving language requirements.
      • Writing Center
        Make a free appointment to work with a writing consultant on your next project, from the brainstorming phase through drafting and revising.