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The English Department offers majors in both English and creative writing, three minors and a combined bachelor's/master's degree. Through creative writing, critical reflection and close reading, students master the writing and argumentation skills that will serve them in their future careers

Undergraduate English courses explore topics as diverse as the life of Willa Cather and the world of Shakespeare, and students expand their perspectives through African American, postcolonial and medieval literature. Our dedication to small classes and strong faculty mentorship allow students to define and achieve their educational goals. Students looking for a challenge can integrate honors studies, an internship or independent research project alongside their coursework.


Degree Programs


"I took an amazing English class on Othello, and we engaged not only with the text but with its connection to D.C. We went to the Folger Library and studied early modern books that influenced Shakespeare. We saw first editions of Shakespeare's plays. We talked with people who worked at the Shakespeare Theater Company. And we capped the class by traveling to New York City to see Christopher Marlowe’s Tamburlaine."

Melissa Matusky

BA '14, MA '15