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An English minor complements a variety of degrees and solidifies practical skills like critical thinking, written and verbal communication and how to make a logical argument.

The Department of English offers a Minor in English, a Minor in Creative Writing and a Minor in English for Business Majors. Each minor includes elective options, allowing students to choose topics that complement their major field of study.






Minor in English

The English minor requires one introductory literature course, which can be chosen from more than a dozen options, as well as five literary courses numbered 3000 or above. This may not include creative writing courses. Students may wish to consult with an advisor in the department.


Minor in Creative Writing

Creative writing minors complete an introductory literature course and six upper-level writing course electives, with topics in fiction, poetry and dramatic writing. All creative writing minors must take some poetry and fiction courses.


Minor in English for Business Students

The English minor for business students requires two special core courses that integrate literature and finance topics. The remaining requirements are highly customizable, with many electives to choose from at the 3000-level.


Interdisciplinary Minor in Linguistics