Jennifer Green-Lewis

Jennifer Green-Lewis

Associate Professor of English
On Leave 2015-2016
Address: Phillips Hall
Phone: 202-994-1457
[email protected]

Areas of Expertise

Victorian literature in the context of the visual arts; realism and the advent of photography; Virginia Woolf and the Bloomsbury group; World War One poetry; aesthetics and historicized formalism.

Professor Green-Lewis specializes in the visual and literary culture of nineteenth-and early-twentieth century Britain, with an emphasis on the novel. She is interested in how optical technologies, such as the camera, the microscope, and the stereoscope, shaped the development of realism, and in the degree to which literary questions may be illuminated and recast through consideration of the visual arts, especially photography. Her current book-in-progress (working title: Already the Past: Victorian Photography and the Invention of Modern Memory) begins with the simple premise that photography has changed the way that people remember things. Other projects currently in the works reflect her interest in details and daguerreotypes; in the concept of movement in Modernism; and in the subject of happiness in Woolf’s post-war writing.

Professor Green-Lewis is also on the faculty of the Bread Loaf School of English at Middlebury College where she has taught summer courses since 1997.


Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania

M.A. (Hons, first class), University of Edinburgh, Scotland



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