Turni Chakrabarti

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Turni Chakrabarti


Turni Chakrabarti is a PhD candidate in the English Department at The George Washington University. Her dissertation is on disruptive widowhood in Indian and British novels written during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Her project traces the evolution of the portrayals of disruptive widowhood and critically examines how these portrayals were influenced by contemporary socio-cultural and political changes. Her work has been published in South Asian Review and Portals: A Journal of Comparative Literature, among others.

She has designed and taught two courses as Instructor of Record: “Introduction to British Literature II: Rebellious Femininity and Writing Resistance” and “Gender and Sexuality in Bollywood Cinema.” She is the recipient of the Philip J. Amsterdam Graduate Teaching Award (2021). 

You can learn more about her work at turnichakrabarti.com

Educational Background:
MA in English: St. Stephen's College, University of Delhi.
BA (Hons) in English: Lady Shri Ram College for Women, University of Delhi.